Backsettown House

On the north eastern edge of the village lies Backsettown House, an extended 15th century hall house with an important claim to fame.

Under the ownership of American actress Elizabeth Robins, Backsettown House became a place of refuge for suffragettes following the introduction of the Cat and Mouse Act in 1913. This act sought to undermine the political impact of hunger-striking suffragettes by releasing them from prison to recover their health sufficiently enough to return.

Suffragettes were able to rest and recuperate here under the care of Elizabeth, and her friend Octavia Wilberforce (great-granddaughter of William Wilberforce), whom Elizabeth supported to become a doctor. By 1927, the house became a convalescent home for professional women.

*Please be advised this is now a private residence and not open to visitors. The photos on our website are the best way to view the house.