The Common

Now managed jointly by Horsham District Council and Henfield Parish Council, the Common derives its name from local commoners’ rights to dig peat, take turf, shoot game and graze animals on the land in the 17th century. By the 1900s, local residents had the right to graze animals only, which continued right up until WWII. Plans are in place to reintroduce cattle to the area.

Situated on the East of the High Street, alongside the Brighton Road, Henfield Common is a wonderful mixture of grassland, woodland, marsh and open playing fields, with a stream running through the centre. One section includes the Memorial Field created after the Second World War to honour the men and women of Henfield who gave their lives in the war. This backs onto one of the most important cricket pitches in the country. 

A number of footpaths cross the Common, offering short walks around the Western edge, from Henfield Common North to the Brighton Road. A further footpath follows the Northern edge of the woodland to Swains Farm, and a straighter path runs parallel to the Brighton Road to the South from the High Street to the Cricket Club.